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Cosmetic Orthodontics

What is cosmetic orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that uses braces, retainers, and other dental devices to treat misalignment of teeth.


Crooked teeth and teeth that do not fit together correctly are harder to keep clean, are at risk of being lost early due to tooth decay and periodontal disease, and cause extra stress on the chewing muscles that can lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome and neck, shoulder and back pain. Teeth that are crooked or not in the right place can also detract from one's appearance.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a healthier mouth, a more pleasing appearance, and teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime.

At INDISSON. we reccommend cosmetic orthodontics,which uses highly discreet materials so they are not visually an aesthetic issue. And are as  effective as the conventional ones. 

This is the best orthodontic tratments for those whom  appearance and personal image are an important factor in their lives.

Ortodoncia estética Indisson

¿What kind of Orthodontic treatment does INDISSON offer?

Cosmetic Braces

Braces made with materials like ceramic zapphire and  y zirconium which makes them practically imperceptible compared with the tradicional metalic ones.

Invisible Orthodontics


Requires complete colaboration from the patient. Custome made aligners to move your teeth little by little. And because they are nearly invisible, people are more likely to notice your changing smile than the aligners themselves. 

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