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Dental Veneers

¿What are dental veneers?

Veneers, thin layer placed on the visible part of the tooth to achieve an improvement in appearance, position, colour, size and shape.

The most common materials used are porcelain and composite. The choice of one or another depends on the patient and the case.

Does the teeth need to be carved?

This is a precedure in which we respect the teeth to the maximum and in most of the cases teeth dont need to be carved.

This is a painless treatment that doesn´t require anaesthesia.

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Wha are they good for?

  • Improve or change colour alterations.

  • Improve or change shape alterations.

  • Remove gum black spaces.

  • Close space between teeth (Diastemas).

  • Helps to show less gum when smiling.

  • To align slightly mispositions, an alternative to easy orthodontic cases. 

  • Remove stains from teeth.


  • This treatments is usually done in one or two sesions dependind on the case and material used.

  • Minimal or none tooth wear.

  • Amazing cosmetic results.

  • Long lasting.

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