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Teeth Whitening

¿What is it?

It is a cosmetic treatment which lightens teeth and helps reducing the yellowish tone built through the years as a result of bad dietary habits, smoking and drinking.

Can anybody get this treatment, or there is any contraindication?

Anybody with a healthy mouth i.e. no cavities, tooth decay, tartar or with a sharp dental sensitivity. 

Always check first with your doctor to see if you are suitable for this treatment.

Blanqueamiento dental Indisson

¿Which technique do we use at INDISSON?

At INDISSON, we use a mixed technique. Which means the first part of the treatment is done at the practice and the second at home.

We use the best teeth whitening in the market righ now PHILLIPS ZOOM.

At the practice, we apply the whitening product over the teeth,, then trough an LED lamp we bleach them. This Treatment normally requires from 2 to 3 sessions depending on the desired tone. This is usually done in one hour.

After that, we give you some instructions and an exclusive product to be used at home.

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